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    Common Symptoms Associated with Disc Issues: Low back pain, Tingling sensation, Burning sensation, Numbness, Hip pain, Groin pain, Leg pain, Knee pain, Calf pain, Foot/toe pain
    If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you could have a bulging disc or a herniated disc in your spine. One solution to these conditions is surgery, but here at the American Back Center, we believe in a non-invasive approach. Our Chicago clinic treats bulging and herniated disc problems with a gentle, non-invasive spinal decompression treatment called Vax-D therapy. Call the American Back Center for a consultation today, and let us make a difference in your life.Understanding Herniated and Bulging Disc Problem

    The spinal column consists of the bones running down the center of your back called vertebrae. In between the vertebrae are discs, which serve as cushions between the individual vertebral bones. Discs are made up of two parts, a harder outer layer (annulus) and a gel-like center (nucleus pulposus). Although there are veins and arteries in the vertebrae around the disc, there is no direct blood flow to the discs themselves in an adult body. This reduces the disc’s ability to heal itself. And it does need to heal because as the body ages, even something as trivial as a sneeze can create tiny cracks in the outer layers of the disc, which can lead to bulging or herniation.

    Bulging Disc

    A bulging disc occurs when those cracks we mentioned earlier lead to small tears along the outer layers of the disc. That allows the center material to push or ˜bulge’ outward, creating a sort of a bump on the outside of the disc. That bump can put pressure on the nerves around the disc, causing painful, burning or tingling sensations.
    Herniated Disc

    Disc herniation is pretty much the same as disc bulging, but the term ˜herniation’ generally suggests that the bump on the disc is larger.

    Both conditions can occur in either upper or lower spine. Common symptoms associated with disc issues in the upper spine include headaches and neck pain. Lower spine disc bulging or herniation can cause numbness, shooting leg or groin pain, sharp back pain, etc.

    How Can Vax-D Help?

    Vax-D spinal decompression therapy is an FDA approved, non invasive treatment that uses a table and harness to alternate your spine between gentle stretching and rest. The stretching (or decompressing) action creates negative pressure in the spine that causes the soft core of the disc to retract back into its original place, reducing the pressure on the nerve and alleviating the pain.

    To learn more about non-surgical treatment of bulging and herniated discs, contact us today and get a consultation with a therapist.