Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program

In order to lose weight we have been taught that restricting calories and exercising harder and longer, is the proper practice for weight loss but this works only when you have no metabolic and physiologic imbalances.

When you have imbalances prevailing weight loss practices make your efforts negligible.

At American Back Center we look at a patient’s physiology, metabolism, hormone interactions, and the interplay of these factors together to create a proper weight loss program that works individually for you.

Weight loss is not merely about food choice and calorie-burning activities, but also often-overlooked factors such as:

Underactive Thyroid

Thyroid glands produce thyroid hormone which affects a lot of mechanisms in human body including our metabolism system. When there is not enough level of thyroid hormone, our metabolism system becomes slow to digest foods and weight gain is the result. Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid happens when the immune system attacks thyroid glands, but there are also other possibilities such as the lack of iodine or side effects from previous thyroid treatments.

When weight gain is caused by hypothyroidism, an effective method to lose weight is by treating the thyroid gland.


Digestive System Disorder

Deficiency in digestive enzymes can be a culprit of weight gain. Because the metabolism system cannot properly absorb nutrient, a patient tends to constantly crave food. Regardless of how many servings the person eats, there is no sense of fullness. The body craves for more nutrients, and patient feels the need to eat more food. Fixing this problem might be something as simple as an enzyme supplement.


Chronic Stress

Stress can affect people of all ages, and everybody has different reasons for it. Under pressure or stress, the body releases adrenaline to give a burst of energy in an attempt to deal with the alarming stressful situation. At the same time, you produce cortisol hormone which tells your body to replenish the energy immediately by eating or drinking foods. Whether or not your body actually uses the burst of energy, the cortisol hormone still tells your brain for food energy. Bottom line, more stress = more cortisol = more eating = more fats. Managing stress may involve a lot of different approaches such as exercise, functional medicine therapy, learning relaxation techniques, natural stress medication, etc (there are many approaches to dealing with stress).


American Back Center Weight Loss Program

At American Back Center we take a more broader than typical view towards a patients weight loss program. Since all aspects of patient’s health and lifestyle are observed and taken into account, there are more effective treatment options available. By taking all factors into account we will be able to come up with personalized method for you to lose weight and keep it off.

If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, call us or use the form to the right to book an appointment. We have a doctor dedicated to Functional Medicine to help you lose weight or answer any questions or concerns you have.


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