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Functional Medicine is a quickly growing field of healthcare that focuses on determining the root cause of disease and illness. By using a science-based and non-pharmaceutical approach, health is achieved through hormonal, nutritional, lifestyle, and metabolic balance. With its focus on the basis of disease, rather than just the narrow outlook of a single diagnosis, Functional Medicine more thoroughly addresses conditions such as auto-immune conditions, blood sugar disorders, gut issues and fatigue, for example.

Most healthcare practitioners are not trained to investigate the complex interplay between various body systems, and as such their focus is too narrow. For instance, if your cholesterol’s too high, you’re given a drug to bring it down rather than looking into all the elements – diet, lifestyle, genetics, toxin exposure, etc. – that make it too high! Functional Medicine investigates these interplays. Many common conditions like chronic pain, bloating, stress-related hormone imbalance and sleep disorders can be addressed by looking at the body as an integrated system –  not just a group of unrelated organs.

  • Holistic, non-pharmaceutical healthcare
  • Evidence-based
  • Effective for many chronic, complex disorders
  • A promotion of wellness, not just absence of disease

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I came to the American Back Center after I have received an ad in my mailbox for a weight loss program. I decided to give it a shot and guess what??? It was like magic. I extremely recommend it to any one who wants to live healthy.

Coming to the American Back Center has been the best change for my life because I have learned how to eat to live, and not live to eat.