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If you got injured in your workplace, it is always important to follow proper procedure. When you follow the proper procedures, your workers’ compensation Chicago case will be much stronger and proper therapy and compensation will follow.


Report your injury right away:

Even though you have 45 days to notify your employer of a work injury it is better for your case when you’re injured in your workplace to notify your work and to consult a doctor that specializes in workers compensation cases right away. The doctor will provide you with proper forms which will help in excusing you from work and they will document your injury which provides proper information for your case moving forward.


Workers’ compensation pays for costs needed to heal from an injury, including:

Surgery Physical therapy, Chiropractic treatment, First aid Emergency care, Doctor’s visits, Hospital care, Prosthetic devices, Prescribed medical appliances, Devices such as a lift or wheelchair, Changes to your home such as a wheelchair ramp, and Medicines.


Testimony of the doctor:

You need to always keep in mind that during the case, there will be testimony by your doctor as well. That is why you have to always inform the most accurate details to the doctor. When you are able to do so, your doctor will be able to testify to your benefit. If you have not informed the doctor regarding previous problems, the testimony can go against you. You should inform your doctor about your previous medical history as well to ensure that the doctor understand possible future problems.


Choice of doctor:

You should choose your own doctor which you want for treatment as the insurance company will ask you to get examined by their own doctor and usually want you to get treated by their recommended doctor. Receiving therapy by the insurance companies recommended doctor will usually work against you. Because of cost factor they usually do not work in your best interest and try to get you back to work before you are properly healed. The managers of the insurance company have no right to interfere in your treatment choice. You have a right to choose the doctor for treatment.


Additional benefits:

If due to the injury, you need to modify your vehicle or modify the facilities in your home that compensation can also be provided by the insurance company. You will need proper documentation from your doctor that those modifications are necessary because of your injury.

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