Dr. Andrea Medina

Functional Medicine Chicago

Dr. Andrea Medina

Chiropractic Physician - Institute for Functional Medicine - Certified Practitioner

Dr. Andrea MedinaDr. Medina is a 2003 graduate of The National University of Health Sciences with an undergraduate degree from The University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Medina believes that ‘health’ is not simply the absence of disease, but that it encompasses healthy digestion, proper sleep, ideal physiology, etc. As such, while she does practice ‘traditional’ chiropractic care, she has an expertise and a passion for Functional Medicine and Functional Blood Chemistry, which allows her a broader picture of the patient’s overall health.

Functional Medicine allows Dr. Medina to effectively identify and screen for imbalance in body metabolism. By using specialized testing, her work aims to not only diagnose existing metabolic problems but to screen for ones that a patient may be at risk for in the future. Because the process examines not only existing conditions but also for possible oncoming ones, it appeals to people who are concerned with prevention and general wellness. And, by using a test – therapy – re-test approach, the patient’s progress is benchmarked and clearly defined.

Additionally, Dr. Medina is licensed in Acupuncture and has much experience in the treatment of pregnancy-related conditions.


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