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What makes you a Candidate for VAX-D?

If you suffer from:
1) bulging or herniated disc
2) degenerative disc disease
3) sciatica
4) spinal stenosis
5) If spine surgery has been recommended
6) You have had a failed spine surgery.

Our patients have had very successful outcomes with VAX-D:

We usually recommend a 16 sessions protocal to heal your back problem. However, we monitor your progress and decided if fewer or more sessions are needed to complete the headling process. Sometimes we recommend other treatments in conjunction with VAX-D. We have had patients heal within only a few sessions.

Patience is needed with the healing process:
Like all wounds, disc wall tears need time to heal. An absence of pain does not mean the tears have healed. An ongoing monitoring process and follow up are needed.

When Can I Expect Results?
Many patients report a reduction in pain after their first few VAX-D treatments. Although this is a wonderful sign that VAX-D is working, the healing process is not finished! Quitting treatment early can result in a relapse of symptoms, as well as wasted time and money.

On the other hand, it may take several sessions before patients experience a noticeable remission of symptoms.


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