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Why you should go for VAX-D treatment?

Those who suffer from back pain are often on the search of remedies that will help them minimize the pain and allow the continuation of daily activities. From painkillers to ice/heat packs, they try everything and anything that may reduce the pain. However, when they find no relief, they are usually recommended to turn to invasive methods such as surgery and spinal injection that are advertised to give permanent relief from the pain.

Unfortunately, this is not the case! And many occasions, show surgical methods have affected the patient in a negative manner – even leading to life-long disabilities.

Before considering Surgery or Pain Injections, VAX-D technology should be a serious consideration and has a high success rate to relieving your back pain without surgery.

VAX-D to the rescue:
The VAX-D is a process that is designed to relieve the tensions accumulated on the structure of the spine that are likely causing you pain and discomfort.

The main benefits of opting for a VAX-D treatment over surgery as as follows:
• VAX-D is non-invasive protocol. This means that the process does not require any type of surgery or the use of needles, medications, and/or anesthesia.

• The process does not involve any type of cutting, recovery time, scars, or hospital stay. A licensed practitioner conveniently performs the procedure in an outpatient department of the clinic while the patients are free to continue light activities after the session is over.

• Highly effective with several research suggesting a success rate of more than 70%.

• Works on all types of back and neck pain including conditions such as bulging discs, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and sciatica.


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