Spinal Decompression Therapy / VAX-D

Vax-D, short for Vertebral Axial Decompression, is a procedure that decompresses, or takes the pressure off, the discs of the spine. We know that the majority of neck and back pain is rooted in disorders of the spinal discs and many patients who have been diagnosed by MRI to have disc-related disease struggle to find answers. Vax-D is an effective, non-surgical treatment for herniated, bulging, and degenerative discs along with those that have failed back surgeries and sciatica.


Vax-D works by creating a negative pressure, or ‘suction’, within the disc. In doing so, it simultaneously takes pressure off of pinched nerves and pulls the disc material back into proper alignment. Interestingly, these are generally the same goals as surgery – take pressure off of nerve and alleviate disc herniation – but Vax-D does this without surgery. Unlike linear traction, Vax-D’s patented technique has been shown to create this vacuum-effect more efficiently than traditional traction methods. Additionally, this negative pressure draws nutrients, oxygen and fluids into the disc which allows it to heal.

The American Back Center is the only provider of Vax-D therapy in Illinois.


  • Non-surgical, effective neck and back pain solution
  • For all types of disc-related disorders
  • Free consultation available (email us at: info@americanbackcenter.org)
  • Works when other therapies have failed

Dan Estep

Following an unsuccessful surgery for a herniated disc this was my last resort before considering another surgery. A course of Vax-D treatments combined with continued exercise has set me on the right path. I give nothing but the highest recommendation.

Jerry Goldner

Dr Chris Edginton is a very intelligent and kind man who is surrounded by a wonderful professional staff!! His VaxD traction table, physical therapists and massage therapists have kept me away from the orthopedic surgeon’s knife for 20 years!!