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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the process of restoring and then maintaining your body’s flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. It is a safe and effective way to improve the body’s function and overall health.

At the American Back Center we take a unique approach to this process: we first deal with pain, and then we deal with function.

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Unfortunately, it’s been common to hear patients describe past Physical Therapy experiences that have been negative. Patients tell us that ‘the therapy hurt me even more’, or that the ‘therapy made me worse’. What we’ve learned from these stories is that the therapist tried to move the person into strength exercises far too soon, before adequately dealing with pain.

Only once someone’s out of pain can they then start safely building strength, coordination, and overall function.

While the process to deal with pain can be accomplished in many different ways, we most often utilize the McKenzie Method – which is the quickest and most effective way to get someone out of pain. The method attempts to find one single exercise – that is then done over and over at home – that eliminates pain. Despite the office name, it can be used on any body part. Often patients feel a significant decrease in pain within days, and this is because the exercise can be done over and over at home. Once the person’s out of pain, then the re-building process can begin.

We treat:

Back & neck pain
• Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
• Hip, knee and ankle pain
• Chronic & acute pain
• Work and accident related injuries
• Pregnancy related spinal pain
• Sports injuries

Kasey Ahlstrom

In just that short time, I experienced a huge improvement. They give me tons of exercises to do at home. At this point, it seems that my laziness will be the only reason I’ll experience back pain again.

Michael Stumpf

American Back Center did a full review of my case, consulted me on exactly what their strategic plan would be to recover fully and effectively, and empowered me to do my own stretching/strengthening routine on my own at home.

American Back Center is located in Downtown Chicago

American Back Center 122 S. Michigan Ave Suite 1265 Chicago, IL, 60603 (shared entrance with National Louis University)

(312) 939-4121 Discount parking available at 17 E. Adams lot.

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