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Neuropathic Pain after Spinal Injury

People who go through spinal surgery face a lot of problems like neuropathic pain during the recovery phase. Neuropathic pain is the pain that is experienced by patients in their back or legs. It occurs due to the absence of neural compression within the human body. The pain is so intense that people tend to feel depressed and often suffer through episodes of insomnia. The main cause behind neuropathic surgery is not known however, many types of research point out that its results due to a failed spinal surgery.

Many people often suffer through neuropathic pain even without undergoing any form of surgery. Neuropathic pain can start after a mild accident or a sudden fall that affects your back.

Neuropathic pain can be treated through a number of ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.      People who suffer through neuropathic pain can use NSAIDs i.e. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are very effective as these medications are designed specifically to target the pain.

2.      Many people also consume a number of antidepressant drugs. They are more promising as compared to other medications as it helps treat the symptoms of neuropathic pain, which includes depression and anxiety that is caused by intense and excruciating pain.

3.      Doctors often use nerve blocks i.e. steroids or anesthesia in order to block the nerves that are causing pain. However, the nerve blocks are not long-lasting therefore the people suffering from back pain might need them again and again after a certain amount of time has passed.

4.      Many people adopt different lifestyle changes that can help them deal with pain. They get a massage or physical therapies in order to get rid of the pain. Furthermore, they spend more time on rest then spending time on different activities which helps them ease out the pain.

5.      People who have intense neuropathic pain should make a healthy diet chart for themselves that has a range of exercises. A healthy diet coupled with regular and frequent episodes of exercise can help patients deal with neuropathic pain.

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