Spine Surgery Chicago Complications

Complications Involved in Spine Surgery

Surgery is a very complicated procedure as a lot of risk factors are involved. It can either be a complete success or it can be a failure as it tends to vary from person to person. Many people feel confident after discussing their case with someone who experienced the same problem irrespective of the fact that the end result of the surgery can be different. Only the specialized doctors can determine the risk factors involved in performing surgery after assessing the patients in an in-depth manner.

Every surgery has a certain set of complications similarly there are complications involved in back surgery. They are as follows:

1.     Surgeries cannot be performed without giving anesthesia to patients, however, some patients might be allergic to anesthesia and therefore there body might not react to it the way others react. It can lead to different medical problems, therefore, a proper medical assessment is important.

2.     Back surgery can lead to the formation of blood clots within your legs or lungs. If blood clots are formed in the legs then it can cause immense pain and discomfort in the infected leg. In some cases, blood clots can also form in the lungs which tends to limit the blood supply. A part of your lung might collapse due to lack of blood supply.

3.     Lungs tend to become weak after surgery, therefore, lung exercise is extremely important in order to avoid the chances of pneumonia due to low levels of blood and oxygen.

4.     Surgery can also lead to infection if the patient is not taken care of during the recovery phase. Surgeons are likely to prescribe antibiotics after performing the surgery, however, if the pain increases and the area appear red and swollen then contact your surgeon as soon as possible. The surgeon might remove the stitches in order to assess the area to find out the main cause behind the infection.

5.     Back surgery can lead to spinal cord injury that can result in a permanent disability like paralysis or even sexual dysfunction. In some cases, it can also limit the bladder and bowel movement.

6.     Back surgery is very painful and it can be extremely painful during the recovery phase. People should be ready to experience persistent pain that can limit the number of activities they can participate in.
A lot of complications are involved in any surgery you might be considering. However, the experience of getting surgery done can vary from person to person.

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