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Top 10 Reasons Not to Get Spine Surgery

People wish to avoid operations as much as they can especially if it involves the surgery of something as serious as your spine. Spinal surgery is very risky as it can either fix your back problem or it can lead to permanent disability. In some situations having surgery is the only option, however, some conditions can be solved with the help of preventive measures. Spine surgery can be risky and therefore there are a few reasons that can explain why having a spine surgery is not a good idea. At American Back Center we offer a non-invasive alternative with called VAX-D – out patients have had amazing results with this and not needed surgery

They are as follows:

1.     Spine surgery can lead to nerve damage that can lead to a permanent disability like paralysis, pain or sexual dysfunction. It can also have an impact on the control of bowel or bladder movement within the human body.

2.     In some cases, spinal surgery can lead to the formation of blood clots either in the legs or in the lungs.

3.     Many spine surgery cases are done with 100% success, however, there are cases in which the instrumentation or implant might be dislocated. In case the first surgery is not carried out properly then there are chances that you might need a second one.

4.     Anesthesia risks are involved in the spinal surgery as during the surgery patients are injected with anesthesia which can lead to heart attack, brain damage or even death but it happens in rare cases.

5.     During surgery, there are chances that you might harm your blood vessels which can result in excessive bleeding. However, the surgeons take measures to avoid blood loss while they are performing spinal surgery.

6.     A dural tear can also occur during surgery. In some cases, the surgeon often notices the dural tear and fix it while performing the surgery. However, in case it is not noticed by your surgeon then it can result in the leakage of spinal fluid that can lead to a spinal headache.

7.     Surgery can also lead to infection, which happens in rare cases as patients are given antibiotics to help keep infection and harmful radicals at bay.

8.     After surgery patients are likely to face lung problems due to which exercising your lungs is very important when you enter your recovery phase.

9.     After spine surgery, the patient should be ready to witness episodes of persistent pain that often gets unbearable.

10. Surgery can limit the type of activities one can indulge or participate in.

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