Women with chronic knee pain?

Here is what you should know

Are you suffering from chronic knee pain? If yes, it is important to start treatment sooner than later. The therapist first steps are to look at the root cause of your symptoms in order to understand the severity of the problem.


In this article we will go into the details of this problem and help you better understand what should be the course of treatment when you’re suffering from chronic knee pain.


Occurrence of chronic knee pain in women:

Both women and men over the age of 40 are often susceptible to osteoarthritis, however osteoarthritis is more likely to affect women than men after the age of 50 years and as a result, chronic knee pain is a very common occurrence.


Accompanying symptoms:

Usually with chronic knee pain you will often notice other symptoms as well. Such as swelling around the knee and sensitivity in the knee. In some of the cases, there is no proper stability. As a result, it is difficult for women to walk when they are suffering from this problem.


Some main causes of chronic knee pain in women include:


• Age: as mentioned above, women over the age of 50 are very susceptible to suffering from chronic knee pain.


• Previous injury: if there has been a previous injury, it can easily be aggravated above the age of 40 as our bodies loses some of its quick healing properties.


• Improper physical exercise: if you exercise in a way that puts strain on your knees or are in bent knee positions for extended periods, it can have a drastic impact on your knees. Eventually causing chronic knee pain.


Treatments for chronic knee pain:

Through diagnosis of doctor that specializes in knee therapy they will let you know the exact treatment which you can utilize. Some of the treatments include:

• Physiotherapy
• Acupuncture
• Medications for females 
• Injections to heal the knee
• Surgery


Surgery should only be used as a last resort when the other treatments are not that effective. That is why you have a whole host of treatments which you can try before opting for the surgery.


Thus, if you are a woman suffering from chronic knee pain, American Back Center had a good track record of eliminating chronic knee pain in women. Best to make and appointment and start your treatment as soon as possible which will speed your recovery time.


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