The Rise of Shoulder Pain and How to Make It Stop

The Rise of Shoulder Pain and How to Make It Stop

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If Shoulder pain is left untreated, it can lead to something serious, and become a chronic problem. When your shoulder pain becomes chronic, it would be difficult for you to carry out your daily activities, such as carrying the groceries or lifting weights at the gym. You need help!

Chiropractic care is generally sought out by people who are looking for treatment for back pain or neck pain. What you probably didn’t know is that chiropractors, such as those at the Midwest Chiropractic Care Center, are also trained to adjust and treat extremities such as the knees, joints and the shoulders.

Visiting a chiropractor is very important and it is certainly a far better option than trying to treat yourself by resting or taking painkillers. That won’t heal the pain, and while it may give you temporary relief, it actually may make the pain worse in the long run. Also, painkillers are addictive and can lead to dangerous side effects.

Shoulder pain is generally caused by irritation in the joints. On other occasions, it is caused by tissue irritation. One of our pain management specialists can diagnose the problem accurately to start a proper treatment.

An MRI scan of the shoulder can be taken to identify the pain points. Our chiropractor would use techniques such as manipulation of the spine to offer relief for the shoulder pain. The treatment depends on the cause of the shoulder pain.

Our chiropractic then uses adjustments and other related treatments to restore the shoulder mobility and reduce the pain. They look at your overall health, and focus on your lifestyle and work habits rather than just on the shoulder. Chiropractic care involves taking a more holistic approach to pain medication.

They identify the cause of the shoulder pain and discuss your symptoms with you. In particular, our chiropractor will want to know about your prior injuries and health history, as well as your leisure activities.

Rest is in important part of the treatment. Rest allows the inflammation to subside to an extent. However, prolonged immobilization of the shoulder can lead to other complications such as frozen shoulder.

Application of ice and heat can help. Our pain management specialists usually recommend along side treatmet the use of ice packs and heat pads to offer relief for the shoulder pain.

Our pain management therapist can put you through a series of stretching exercises to stretch the certain muscles and tendons that surround the joint. This has to be done carefully, because if the right form is not followed for the exercises, it can make things worse for you.

At the American Back Center we have been providing quality treatment for neck, shoulder and back pain for over a decade. Please contact us today to book an appointment one of our experienced team of pain management specialists.

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