The McKenzie Method for Back Pain

McKenzie Method

What You Should Know…

You have probably heard about the McKenzie Method for Back Pain, but aren’t sure what it is about. The McKenzie Method of physical therapy is one of the methods we use at the American Back Center to provide relief to patients suffering from back pain. Let’s understand how it works.


It is a comprehensive program of assessment, treatment and prevention strategies, which includes a number of physical exercises. You will learn the exercises from a physical therapist trained in the McKenzie Method.


The McKenzie Method was developed by a physical therapist from New Zealand by the name of Robin McKenzie in the 1960s. McKenzie found that extending the spine was a great way to relieve some of the pain his patients felt from back pain or neck pain. After a few sessions of the treatment, his patients were able to perform their day to day activities as they did in the past.


The McKenzie approach makes uses


of exercise and physical therapy to extend the spine. This can help centralize the pain, move it away from the extremities such as the arm or the leg and bring it to the back. The reason for this is that it is much easier to treat a pain by centralizing it rather than when it is spread throughout the body. This way, the therapist is able to heal the pain at the source or at the root, rather than just treat the symptoms.


The McKenzie Method is strongly focused on self-treatment and self-healing. This method does not make use of anything external such as heat and cold, medication or acupuncture needles for the treatment.


The goal of the McKenzie Method is to help the patient recovering from the back pain manage their pain better and to treat themselves for the rest of their life every time they get the pain. The patients learn how to tackle the pain through effective exercises and other techniques.


Benefits of the McKenzie Method for Back Pain

#1: It helps bring immediate pain relief

#2: It helps the body return to normal functioning, the way it was before the back pain became such a big issue.

#3: It prevents the occurrence of back pain in the future by completely avoiding painful movements or postures.

#4: Once you learn this technique, you will be able to manage your back pain yourself, and won’t have to visit your therapist, unless the pain becomes really unbearable.


The McKenzie Method for Back Pain – What to Expect?

Every practitioner of the McKenzie Method for back pain has their own approach to the treatment. First, an initial assessment of the patient’s condition is done. Then the patient is put through certain exercises.

The treatment includes self-help techniques and special procedures. The patient is trained in prevention strategies so that the back problem does not occur in the future.

At the Chicago-based American Back Center, the McKenzie Method is one of the many treatments we use to heal your back pain completely. We treat the source of the back pain to eliminate the pain, and not just the symptoms. Call (855) 962-3621 or click here to book an appointment with us.

Dr. Chris Edginton at American Back Center is Certified in The McKenzie Method ( MDT )


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