Mallory M.

There were many reasons for why I went into a meeting with Danielle for the first time. I realized that at age 26 I really had no clue how to eat or understood what was in my food. In addition, over the past 5 years I have struggled with my weight and I felt like if I could just understand what I was putting in my body and understand how my body reacts to certain types of food, it would kick-start that desire to change many years of bad habits. The education process was eye opening and really became my motivator. Instead of wanting to just lose weight I became more focused on just wanting to be healthy. Within a few weeks of starting the process I noticed dramatic changes the most important being my mood. My outlook on life has been much more positive and full of intent. I have more energy and am simply a happier person. I have been working with Danielle for 10 weeks and so far have lost 25 pounds. I used to think of food as how it would effect my waistline but now whenever I am about to eat a meal or am tempted to “cheat” I think about how the food will impact my body and mind and that thought process has kept me stay on track!

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