Diane M.

I’ve been working with Danielle for about 9 months. In that time, I’ve lost about 40 pounds. More importantly, with Danielle’s help, I have changed my relationship with food.   Her knowledge about nutrition is excellent. Moreover, it’s her commitment to seeing me succeed and be healthy that has helped me.  She understands that finding optimal health is about so much more than just losing weight.  For me, it’s also about changing my way of thinking and figuring out what underlying beliefs may be holding me back. Her insights and her availability have helped me so much.  Danielle has been available 24/7 for advice and guidance by phone, email and even facebook at times when I’ve reached out for help to figure out how to deal with situations that are challenging in light of my new relationship with food like dinner at Cheesecake factory or how to treat stomach flu.  Her care and compassion for me as a whole person is evident.  Improving my health and losing more weight is a journey that I am still on and I am grateful that I’ve connected with Danielle and that she is my guide and champion in this process.

American Back Center