Spine Surgery Chicago

Here Is What You Should Know

Are you suffering from a severe back pain?
and wonder if you should opt for spine surgery for your back pain.


We only recommend spine surgery after every other approach fails.


We have dealt with many patients who have been through a spine surgery in Chicago. A fair number complain about the frustratingly slow and painful recovery process.


At the American Back Center we use a different approach to treating severe back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain which involves a combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy and vertebral axial decompression therapy (VAX-D). In fact, most physicians recommend that you try out all possible non-surgical options before opting for spine surgery as a treatment.


We have found that vertebral axial decompression therapy (VAX-D) is an excellent non-invasive treatment for severe back pain with a good success rate, which makes a good choose to try before opting for spine surgery or back surgery.


How Does the VAX-D Treatment Work?


VAX-D is an FDA approved form of non-invasive treatment which makes use of a traction-like therapy for treating lower back pain. The VAX-D treatment begins with a consultation with one of our physicians, which will be coordinated by a patient advocate.


A standard orthopedic exam will be conducted, and the doctor will talk to you about your treatment history and current symptoms. Based on their diagnosis of your condition, radiology results and exams, a detailed treatment plan will be prepared for you.


During the VAX-D treatment, you will be asked to lie face down on a computer-controlled “split” table and wear a pelvic harness around your hips with your arms extended forward and holding hand grips. The table is then separated into two, which stretches your lower back.


Is VAX-D Safe? How Effective is This Treatment?


Yes, VAX-D is completely safe and the treatment is halted if you suffer any discomfort; all you have to do is to release the hand grips. A typical VAX-D session lasts for about 45 minutes.


This is perhaps the best treatment for fixing or retracting herniated disks, which is one of the leading causes of back pain. According to a study on VAX-D published in the Neurological Research, this treatment has a success rate of 71% which is quite impressive.


You will experience positive results after every VAX-D treatment session. Generally it takes about VAX-D 20 sessions for the back pain to be healed, but that may vary from one patient to another.


Are You Suffering From Back Pain And Are Desperately Looking For An Alternative To Spine Surgery Chicago?


Visit us at the American Back Center to know more about VAX-D and our treatment approach. Call (855) 962-3621 or click here to book an appointment with Dr. Chris Edginton DC, the leading chiropractor in Chicago and his team of highly skilled specialists.


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