Preventative Care in Chicago

Preventative Care in Chicago

How many times have you heard it said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This holds true for all aspects of our health – and physical therapy is no exception.

Aside from poor lifestyle choices that weaken your body, as you age you also lose muscle mass and flexibility. Physical Therapy is not only relevant as part of a rehabilitation or pain management program. It is also a proactive method of strengthening your body and correcting habits that can lead to injury.

The physical therapy team at American Back Center can develop a preventative program for you that corrects your weaknesses while enhancing endurance, balance and strength. Our practitioners can also assess muscle imbalances and movement patterns that can be strengthened and adapted.

Lifestyle choices such as exercise, healthy eating habits and preventative care are ultimately up to you. But you don’t’ have to tackle it alone.

We believe everyone can benefit from maintaining overall wellness and a healthy body. By starting a preventative maintenance program before you begin to experience problems, you can avoid more serious medical issues and enjoy a lifetime of higher quality of both physical and overall health.

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