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Physical Therapy

The primary focus of physical therapy is to restore, enhance or preserve movement and physical function.  The vast majority of patients undergoing physical therapy have considerable trouble functioning on a physical level. A person’s ability to move and perform even simple tasks can be greatly impaired by injury, disease or disability.


When you come to the American Back Center for help, we will not only alleviate your pain and improve function and performance, but we’ll also get at the root of the problem so that your symptoms don’t return.


The approach we take with all our patients is comprehensive.  Our highly qualified and experienced team of physical therapists will structure a treatment program specific to your needs, to help regain function and truly start feeling better.

While at our clinic, you will have access to a wide range of services including therapeutic exercise, strengthening programs, and physical modalities (e.g., massage and electrotherapy), and patient education and training.


As part of our holistic approach to healthcare, your individualized treatment plan may also include chiropractic, VAX-D, acupuncture and nutrition goals to facilitate healing and help speed along recovery.


Programs We Offer
Manual Therapy
Preventative Care
Gait Analysis

Every step you take can, quite literally, be a step in the wrong direction. Your gait is the manner or style of your walk – and it is unique for everyone. Unfortunately, bad habits such as poor posture and other factors can cause us to walk in a way that isn’t all that healthy for our bodies. Pain, running injuries, arthritis, knee and back issues and numerous other health problems can all be linked to the biomechanics of how you move. By having a professional analysis of your gait, our practitioners will be able to provide recommendations that can reduce pain, prevent injury and improve performance.


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