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Pain in your knees?

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Your are part of a growing statistic.

Knee pain has become a common problem. It is not exclusive to any age or gender. It can occur to any person. Also, it is widespread in United States. One factor being that as a society we lack time to take care of our body. A large part of our population is overweight. As a result, our extra weight adds extra pressure to our knees. That is one main reason knee pain is becoming a more frequent problem that we see.

Today, we will look into some of the statistics of knee pain.

1. Knee pain roughly affects 19% ( 1 in 5 people) of the total population in the US. Thus, you can say that it is a very common ailment.

2. 18% of the men below the age of 60 suffer from a knee problem in the United States. During the younger years, the problem is less persistent. However, by the age of 60, at least 24% of the men suffer from knee pain. With age, the knee joints are weakened which results in more frequent occurrence of knee pain.

3. When you look at the female population, you will realize that at least 20% of the women below the age of 60 suffer from knee pain. This percentage increases to 30% when you look into the female population above the age of 60. Again, above the age of 60, the knee pain problem increases consistently.

4. Children are less impacted by knee pain. Only 4% of the children suffer from knee pain. However, during the teenage, at least 18% of the adolescents suffer knee pain. When it comes to the younger group of the population, there is no difference with respect to the genders. Both boys and girls are equally impacted by knee pain. Teenagers are more susceptible to knee pain during times of significant bone growth.

Thus, if you’re suffering from knee pain, you’re not alone. A significant portion of the overall population suffers from knee pain. It can occur at any age. Also, knee pain can be due to injury or it can just be due to the overuse of the knee. This is one of the main reasons why it affects such a large amount of population on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, with the advancement in medical technology, there are numerous treatments available for knee pain which can help you in eliminating your pain.

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