Men with chronic knee pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common types of joint pain .

 We are seeing more and more chronic knee pain problems in men. Some main causes being:


• Torn cartilage:

Torn cartilage is often resulting effect of heavy pressure on the knee. It can also result from trauma to the knee. You need to keep in mind that if you’re suffering from a torn cartilage, you should avoid any kind of physical activity and follow through any doctor’s therapy advice to speed recovery.


• Sprain in the knee ligaments:

Chronic pain can also be due to this sprain in the knee ligament. In such a case, proper rest is needed. In most of the cases through medication, acupuncture and light therapy the swelling and sprain should fully heal within a standard time frame.


• Arthritis:

Arthritis is a common cause for men as well as women. This is due to the joints getting worn off over a period of time. When you’re suffering from arthritis, you will notice pain and swelling in your knees. As a result, there will be inflammation around the entire knee area. That is why it often occurs in men over the age of 40. Simple hot and cold treatments can make a world of difference when it comes to arthritis knee pain. The most effective treatment has been shown to be a combination of physical therapy and patient specific medications.


Diagnosis or the cause of chronic knee pain:

Possible tests in order to diagnose the exact root cause of your chronic knee pain being:

• X-rays
• MRIs
• CT scans
• Arthroscopy
• Radionuclide bone scan


In most of the cases, a CT scan and x-rays are more than enough in order to detect any problem with the bones. However, if need be, the doctor can recommend the other tests as well.


Treatment options:

The treatment options can include:

• Medications
• Steroid injections
• Physiotherapy
• Icing the knee on a daily basis to reduce the swelling
• Using crutches for walking
• Wearing a knee support belt
• Surgery

American Back Center uses the McKenzie therapy method for knee pain, where corrective movements are singled out,  that patients can do at home and in-effect, manage their own pain.

American Back Center pain specialists get results with knee pain, often in fewer visits and at a reduced cost.

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