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knee pain

 What You Should Know About Knee Pain

Did you know approximately twenty five percent of adults suffer from persistent, ongoing knee pain and if left untreated,  can become a significant disability and even lead to surgery.

As well as being a leader in fixing back pain …American Back Center also has specialists who treat knee pain.

Many patients who have tried traditional therapies fail because they’re prescribed strengthening exercises while they’re still in pain. This does not work.

The pain must first be addressed, and only once you’re out of pain, can the re-building begin.

At the American Back Center they approach knee pain by first eliminating the pain, and then re-building the strength, flexibility and coordination.

This type technique is based on The McKenzie therapy method, where corrective movements are singled out,  that patients can do at home and in-effect, manage their own pain. 

This typically takes one to two weeks to resolve, and from there the strengthening can begin.

American Back Center pain specialists get results with knee pain, often in fewer visits and at a reduced cost.
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