Effects of KinesioTape


“Effects of KinesioTape in low back muscle fatigue: Randomized, controlled, doubled-blinded clinical trial on healthy subjects.”


The use of taping (KinesioTape) in sports has become commonplace and we now routinely use tape in non-sports settings. This high-quality study asked the question: “does taping reduce the time to muscular fatigue as compared to not taping?”

How the study was performed

They had the subjects lying face down, hanging off of edge of a table with their legs and pelvis held down, and they asked them to hold themselves horizontal as long as they could (ie. They were holding themselves up with their back muscles).

What we learn from this research

This is an exciting study because the people who had the tape on their backs could last an average of 35 seconds longer than those without. This means that taping improves stamina and performance in activities that require endurance.

American Back Center