Neck pain and Technology: The Connection

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Neck pain and Technology: The Connection

Why is neck pain so prevelant in today’s society, unlike 50 years ago? Well, most of us have sedentary lives. Much of our day is spent hunched over a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, with our necks and shoulder craned forward. Our parents and grandparents used to have a much more physically active life, and had less neck pains and shoulder pains for the most part.

We have less time for physical activity, and “lifestyle body pains ” creep up on us.

For sure, we love our iPhone as much as anyone, and are active on the social media. We are not against technology, but there’s possibly such a thing as spending too much time with technology.

At the American Back Center, our physical therapists can reduce the effects of being hunched over a computer all day and help to heal your neck pain by building helping you build back strength and flexibility in your body with just a few sets of treatments. We have many years of experience and success at healing clients neck pain through a combination of therapy and by correcting the misalignment of your spine.

Through highly effective physical therapy we help reduce the strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Our treatment is simple and natural.
At the American Back Center, we have been providing quality treatment for neck, shoulder and back pain for many years now. Please contact us today to book an appointment one of our experienced team of pain management specialists.



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