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Research Shows – No Back Surgery Needed

Since spine surgery can be a risky protocol, and non invasive alternatives should be sought out before moving forward with committing to surgery. One procedure that should be considered, is VAX-D or spinal decompression therapy. It has had great results as an effective remedy to treat severe back pain without surgery.

Below discusses about VAX-D and how it has been successful in treating severe back pain and helping people avoid surgery.

What is VAX-D therapy?

Vax-D is a therapy which focuses mainly on the bulging discs, degeneration of discs, and pinched nerves that are caused by pressures within the spine.

This non-surgical decompression therapy method has the ability in a few sessions to relieve the pressure in your spine which relieves your back pain. We have seen a high success rate in our patients with this treatment.

VAX-D – How does it work?

The procedure is fairly simple. The patient is asked to lie face down on a VAX-D table with a harness attached to their pelvis and neck. The practitioner then applies a smooth tension that allows the muscles to relax and also delivers treatment to the spine by relieving the pressures in it. The Vax-D machine uses a patented decompression algorithm system. – thus providing pain relief for the patient.

Each treatment session of VAX-D usually lasts around 30 – 60 minutes. In many cases, the reduction in pain is apparent with the first sitting while the additional treatment steps offer enhanced relief from the pain.

Since it is a non-invasive process, no medications, needles, or anesthesia are required.

Are there any risks associated with the VAX-D treatment?

Not at all. The spinal decompression therapy is a safe and comfortable protocol. In fact, most patients are so relaxed during the procedure that they claim to fall asleep. The patients can also resume light activity right after the process is completed.

Who are the ideal candidates for VAX-D treatment?

Herniated discs


Degenerative disc disorders

Sport injuries

Work injuries

Post-surgical patients

Individuals with ‘failed back syndrome’

What does research say?

Results from several research shows a high success rate using VAX-D which is approximately 7 out of every 10 patients. In one research by the Canadian Journal of Clinical Medicine, severe pain reduction in patients with back pain was 77%.

Similarly, a four-year follow up after the VAX-D treatment showed 86% reduction in pain. It also concluded that 91% of the patients were able to resume their normal activities after the treatment was completed.

Final thoughts

Research shows that VAX-D is an effective remedy for severe back pain and an alternative treatment to invasive spine surgery worth exploring!

We specialize in this procedure in the Chicago Area. Find out more about how this effective alternative to spine surgery can work for you by booking an appointment with our back pain specialists at the American Back Center.

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