6 Common Misconceptions about Neck Pain

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6 Common Misconceptions about Neck Pain

There are a number of misconceptions about neck pain, which is why getting the right information from credible sources is so important. The American Back Center is the best chiropractic clinic in Chicago. We wish to clarify 6 common misconceptions about neck pain that a lot of people have.

Myth #1: Neck pain is ONLY caused by neck muscles

No. You should understand that what we call “the neck” only consists of 7 vertebrae out of the 24 that form the spinal column. Muscle tightness in the neck has to do with the much bigger pattern of muscle contraction close to the body’s center. The paravertebral muscles of the spine run from the tailbone till the base of the skull.

If the muscles on the back of the body, from the neck right down to the pelvis are tight, then this has a direct bearing on the neck. The posture plays an important part and when the body is hunched or slumped most of the time, neck pain is never too far away. So to prevent neck pain, you must take care of the entire body, the back and the front.

Myth #2: Neck problems are a result of old age

It does seem to be an obvious thing to connect neck problems to old age, but there is no real evidence to prove the correlation. Neck problem occurs when muscular dysfunction is allowed to remain unchecked. This is more a result of lack of movement and lack of exercise than because of aging. An physically in-active 30-year old who spends most of his time hunched on a laptop, is more likely to have neck problems than a fit 70-year old who goes walking every morning and keeps herself busy in the garden.

Myth #3: Neck pain occurs because of weak neck muscles

No, painful muscles are rarely weak. In fact muscle pain occurs because the muscles are so tight that they do not release fully and cannot move efficiently. That’s because they lack oxygen and the blood circulation is not as it should be. The muscles need to be relaxed, not strengthened; the tension within them must be removed. Learn to relax not just the neck, but also the back, shoulders and the hips, use the right posture while walking or sitting, and be efficient with your body movements. The neck pain will be gone soon.

Myth #4: Rest is the best relief for neck pain

While it is true that a short period of bed rest does help to relieve severe neck pain, you shouldn’t take more a day or two of bed rest, as inactivity would only cause more pain. This is because inactivity leads to muscle wasting, which has unintended effects. That is why most physicians recommend active physical therapy and exercise to those with neck problems.

Myth #5: The spine is very fragile

No, not really. The spine is actually a very strong structure which is given adequate support by the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons. However, the spine requires proper conditioning such as stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular exercise. Poor posture and body mechanics can cause more problems to the spine leading to neck and back problems, as does lack of sleep and physical exhaustion.

Myth #6: If the doctor hasn’t found anything wrong, the pain does not exist

Sometime physicians are unable to find the source of the pain, but that doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Chronic neck pain can be caused by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and depression. It can be caused by lack of sleep. It is important to treat the pain proactively. Chiropractic care is a highly effective alternative treatment when modern medicine does not offer a solution to the chronic pain.

Dealing with ongoing neck pain requires a long-term solution. At the Chicago-based American Back Center, we provide you with the most up-to-date, in-depth and reliable information for your neck pain. We also provide the most appropriate treatment for your pain. Our goal is to help you get healthy and stay healthy ASAP. So if you’re suffering from neck pain, call us at 312-939-4121, e-mail info@americanbackcenter.org or fill up this contact form to book an appointment TODAY!


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