Shoulder Pain: 6 Amazing Facts

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Shoulder Pain: 6 Amazing Facts

Shoulder pain affects your mobility and strength and prevents you from carrying out your routine everyday activities.
Six amazing facts about shoulder pain:

Fact #1: Did you know that 9 percent of all adults in the USA suffer from chronic shoulder pain. That’s according to the World Health Organization. Phew – that means 1 out of every 10 people in the USA suffers from it. That’s big.

Fact #2: If you have shoulder pain, it can be a consequence of an injury or aging. We can do our best to protect ourselves and slow down the aging process, but as we get older the soft tissues in the shoulder break down, which causes the pain. Injuries are usually the cause of shoulder pain for younger people, especially for athletes. If you play sports such as football, tennis, baseball, basketball or ice hockey, you are at risk. Overuse of the shoulder can cause a degeneration of the shoulder tissues, leading to the pain.

Fact #3: Your shoulder pain could be a result of a disease that you may not know about as yet. If you experience tightness in the shoulder muscles and extreme shooting pain that travels down to your arm, it could be because of an underlying disease, such as a spinal disorder, diabetes, heart disease or liver disease. If it’s because of a disorder of the spine, a pain specialist at American Back Center can assess and help set it right.

Fact #4: If you find your shoulder pain hard to bear, consult with an orthopedic surgeon. They can assess and diagnose the problem and identify the cause of the pain. They examine your medical history and may suggest a surgery if the pain is too severe, or recommend chiropractic care, for a more natural and gradual recovery.

Fact #5: One basic treatment for shoulder pain is called RICE, which means, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This method helps to bring down the inflammation, so that you can heal faster. Avoid using the shoulder as much as you can after the occurrence of the pain. Place ice on the shoulder for 20 minutes, around 6 times a day. Use a compression wrap to prevent the swelling.

Fact #6: Another cause of shoulder pain is dislocation, frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injury. If your shoulder has been dislocated because of an injury, visit a doctor immediately. Frozen shoulder is more difficult to heal. You will be given anti-inflammatory medications and recommended physical therapy. For rotator cuff injury, surgery is a possible option. We can help access your problem and put on on the path to the right treatment program.

If you have shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain please feel free to contact our highly trained team of pain management specialist in downtown Chicago, for an appointment to help you access and fix the underlying problem the is causing you pain.

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