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We are a multidisciplinary healthcare center offering top-quality chiropractic, acupuncture, McKenzie method, physical therapy and functional / nutritional medicine. Additionally, we offer VAX-D therapy – a patented, FDA-approved spinal decompression therapy that treats spinal disorders causing neck or back pain.
At the American Back Center, we’re a big healthy family – and you’re a part of the family as soon as you walk through our doors! Our mission is to improve your health through conservative, non-invasive and above all, effective methods. With so many disciplines under one roof, we use a team approach towards a patient’s health. Often a combined, multi-perspective method is more effective than a singular therapy. Whatever works for the patient is what we’ll do! And with a focus on efficiency and effective patient education, we aim to limit visits and in turn, cost.

FDA-Approved Alternative to Spine Surgery

Spinal Decompression, also known as VAX-D, is a non-invasive decompression therapy for neck and lower back, disc-related conditions, including herniated, bulging, and ruptured discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, radiating pain, and failed back or neck surgeries. If you’ve been diagnosed with back or neck pain from one of these conditions, VAX-D goes right to the source of the pain itself – the disc. By gently opening the disc space, we can create a negative pressure within the disc that pulls the disc back inward. It’s a treatment that addresses the problem head-on, and rather than using medications, we’re fixing the actual problem.  


Chiropractic, Nutrition, Massage, Acupuncture …. Since 1985

The American Back Center is dedicated to creating a healing environment in which patients have access to a variety of complimentary therapies to promote healing and wellness. We believe that everyone is an individual and we treat their health with focus, caring, and a commitment to results in a timely manner. Our goal is a return to function and vitality, without excessive and prolonged treatment plans. Despite its name, the American Back Center treats all parts of the body, and with our varied specialists in acupuncture, massage and Functional Medicine & Nutrition, we are uniquely suited to provide a whole-health approach to your care. 

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Welcome to the American Back Center

I really appreciate Dr Chris' explanation of my condition. I felt reassured that I will recover fully and with a strategy not to have the condition in the future! A very welcoming office. Thank you.

Leslie Cain

I enjoy the friendly environment and the flexibility of schedule to accommodate the treatment I need. This place provided me the care that I need that truly help my condition improve.

Grachelli Bihis

My favorite part of my visit was the office location and setting. Very nice place. Everyone was so friendly and professional. After I had my tests, the doctor gave a thorough explanation of the results. Overall a great experience.

Deangela Roberson

Adriana is always very personable and attentive, and she stays on top of appointments. Stella is phenomenal and Dr. Chris is amazing. Both are great listeners and are genuinely concerned about their patient’s health. I've never felt better!

Roman Khanna

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