Roy W.

Before starting Danielle’s program I was point blank overweight. I was taking many useless GNC supplements that were not helping nor improving my physical appearance. But, in my mind I believed they were as most people do! Upon starting Danielle’s program, I completed a seven day detox, one that I had never seen or heard of before. I taken cheap (useless) detoxes in the past, but they were not nearly as effective as this one. After the detox, I began eating foods that I have never seen, tasted, or heard of in my life. Up until this time I despised vegetables. The only vegetable I would eat was corn, and after nearly two years of eating clean, I now know that corn is not a vegetable (its ok to laugh, sad but true).

My goal of course was to lose weight and become healthier. But as I continued through the program my focus turned to burning fat, which is still my focus.

The biggest change I saw after treatment was my body composition. I went from wearing XXXL/ XXL to now wearing Medium/Large. In the first 6 months of the program is where I lost 80% of my weight. But I continue to lose inches to this day in my waist. Also, my diet and the foods I currently eat drastically changed. My refrigerator today looks foreign compared to two years ago. Who would have ever know that healthy foods can taste so good, even though I do cheat from time to time.

I am currently in the best shape of my life. I sleep better, I have more energy daily, and rarely does my body fail me. Danielle has taught me that my body is my temple, and because of her I now know how to take care of it. This lifestyle also teaches you discipline and focus to achieve an ongoing goal, which is health and wellness. I am very grateful to Danielle for changing my life and the lives of others. Keep up the good work and congrats on this accomplishment.