Maya M.

After hearing of Danielle from a friend of mine who had been seeing her and gotten a lot of support with her health issues, I started seeing Danielle to find a holistic and natural way of getting rid of my headaches, sinus issues and lack of energy. Since I started seeing her and following the dietary regiment, I’ve been feeling significantly better with few symptoms and it’s getting better by the day. Danielle is non-judgmental and informative, answering all my questions, doing research for me and providing tons of support, in and out of the office. I am learning so much about cleaning up my lifestyle and reducing my exposure to different elements that are toxic for my body. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge about nutrition and the effects that different foods/chemicals have on our bodies. Her approach is  so welcoming and calming. If you’re looking for an alternative route to modern medicine, I would definitely recommend Danielle!