Linmayu A.

I came to see Danielle because  I had gained 35 lbs in 2 years! I did a detox, and a version of the HCG diet. I’m amazed how much better I felt just doing simple exercises and simple-but-not-easy dietary changes. I’ve seen nutritionists before and it’s always a nightmare wherever you go, because you’re always going to have someone tell you that you have to stop eating your favorite foods. I mean, most of us know we’re eating junk, but knowing and doing are two different things. When another practitioner at another office suggested giving up gluten and dairy for three weeks to do a diagnostic test, there was almost a fight. ;D Danielle made it easy, though, by suggesting I just do a one-week detox (after telling me that my entire diet was crap!)  So, my back hurts less, my knees hurt less, and I lost 15 lbs. so far…AND even my brain works better after cutting the crap out of my diet. I’m talking a LOT better–I’m suddenly more organized, efficient, and make better decisions faster–and it came just in time, because my job just got ten times harder in the last two weeks. My only complaint is that if I cheat on my diet, Danielle has the ability to figure it out and bust me even if I don’t admit to it. But in reality, that too is a good thing.