Kasey A.

I came to American Back Center based solely on the Google reviews. I’m mid-20s and have a mild back problem. I injured myself back in high school (slipped disc) and I never got it fully taken care of. I had trouble bending over to tie my boots, experienced pain in the mornings, and really hurt after playing basketball. I went to the American Back Center 3 days a week for a month. In just that short time, I experienced a huge improvement. I didn’t have pain in the mornings, I could bend over to tie my boots for the most part, and there wasn’t a constant, dull pain like there had been for years. I now go 2 days a week for further adjustments and physical therapy. They give me tons of exercises to do at home. Doc Chris and PT Chris are both great. They’ve relieved my pain and given me exercises to do. At this point, it seems that my laziness will be the only reason I’ll experience back pain again. Everyone at the office is nice and polite. They’ll send you texts the day before your appointment as a reminder. They have a finance lady there to explain what your insurance will cover and whether your payments are doable, which is great to avoid awkward money conversations. All that aside, with my basic insurance, it’s extremely affordable.