Dennis M.

I had be introduced to VAX-D about 15 years prior to finding The American Back Center. I was a believer in how it works and what it can accomplish. The treatment was no longer available where I lived, (far west of Chicago) so I searched and found ABC. I called and discussed my problem and received an appointment for consultation. I brought my back films with and had the consultation with Dr. Chris, explaining what the course of treatment would be and the time frame. I couldn’t wait to get started and the outcome has been nothing but positive. My pain is gone, I feel great. I learned the do’s and don’ts for everyday use, with stretching and strengthening exercises at home. I still go for routine visits once a month to keep in shape. The professionalism, care and concern by all the staff at ABC is why I keep going back and the results are a product of them.

American Back Center