Corinne K.

Danielle goes above and beyond with her clients, her family and within the community. She lives and breathes her ideology and loves to educate anyone interested in learning about the power of food. She’s studied with the top food activists and gurus from all over the world and brings that knowledge to her clients, staff and students. I’ve personally suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 26. I’ve been through many rounds of chemo and other immune suppressants with little to no relief. Through nutritional counseling with Danielle, my life has been transformed. I am no longer poisoning my body with medication. I’m now healing myself through food. And as a result, I not only gained my health back but I lost over 30 pounds. I look and feel better than I did at 16. Danielle has really given me a second chance in this life. I will forever be grateful. This amazing journey has taught me one thing: food really is and should be our medicine.