Bernie P.

FOR VAXD/SPINAL DECOMPRESSION I came into the American Back Center because I was experiencing excruciating pain that started in my lower back and then would shoot down my left leg. My primary care physician thought that I may have sciatica due to a bulging disc. An MRI revealed what my doctor had believed to be the problem which led me to the fine folks at American Back Center (ABC). A day before coming to ABC, I made the mistake of visiting another back “specialist” after watching one of the infomercials on TV. You may know this of this other place because they have a former Chicago Bear doing most of the talking. However, I found this other place to lack the professionalism and customer care that I have experienced here at ABC. The other place wanted to sell me tons of supplements and I didn’t meet with the doctor until the end of my session, where he spent only 5 minutes with me. I spent most of my time there talking to a physical therapy assistant who didn’t sound very knowledgeable and who was more interested in scheduling me for 36 session prior to finding out what was going on with my back via an MRI. I was absolutely turned off by the whole sales pitch and if they were in the business of selling time shares instead of helping people with back issues, they’d be millionaires. If you’re looking for a place that truly cares about their patients, offers world class technology in a relaxed and very comfortable environment where the entire staff takes the extra time to answer your questions and not rush you out the door, then you must come to American Back Center. Dr. Chris, Rebecca and Carol will make you feel like one of the family! After taking some advice on controlling my weight through diet and which positions/exercises would offer me relief before the intense physical therapy begins in a few days, I can honestly tell you that I feel a major difference. My spasms haven’t returned for several days and I have been sleeping much better. Thanks American Back Center! I’d give you 20 stars if I could!