Rebecca Maxwell

back pain american back center chicagoRebecca Maxwell has been with American Back Center since its inception, and has helped guide thousands of patients through successful treatment programs.

About ten years ago, Rebecca was in a car accident that left her with severe chronic back pain. Due to her firsthand knowledge of chronic pain, she is able to truly empathize with a patient’s pain and concerns.

“I wasn’t prepared for the effect this pain would have on my day to day life,” she recalls. “I was certain that time, or a series of traditionally-used treatments, would eventually cure my pain and let me get back to my life.” She was wrong. Months later, no treatments were working, and time hadn’t healed a thing. Then she discovered VAX-D (spinal decompression), which worked for her like a dream.

“Because of my positive experience with VAX-D (spinal decompression), I made the decision to dedicate my professional life to promoting its benefits to each and every sufferer of neck, back and sciatic pain,” she explains.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic neck or back pain, send them Rebecca’s way. Her compassion and one-on-one coordination of treatment programs make the road to pain relief so much easier to navigate.