Chicago Lumbar Pain Treatment

  • Common Symptoms of Lumbar Issues: Low back pain, Tingling sensation, Burning sensation, Numbness, Hip pain, Groin pain, Leg pain, Knee pain, Calf pain, Foot/toe pain
    Lumbar pain (commonly known as lower back pain) affects the lower five vertebrae of your spine. The discs in this section of the back bear the majority of the load when it comes to body weight and lifting, making them particularly prone to injury. While exercises targeting abdominal and back muscles are the most common way to prevent lower back injury, they are often not enough. If you already have pain in your lumbar spine, treatment is often necessary. Often times, people with lumbar pain resort to pain killers or even surgery. We believe in a different approach. The American Back Center was the first facility in Chicago to offer the Vax-D treatment to provide a non-invasive, and highly effective, solution to disc related problems. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your lower back, call for a consultation with a therapist, and learn how Vax-D spinal decompression therapy can help your condition improve.
    What Causes Lumbar Pain?To understand what causes lumbar pain, one first needs to understand the anatomy of a disc. In simple terms, discs are made up of a soft core and multiple harder outside layers. Those materials heal quite easily in a child’s body, but as the body matures, discs lose their ability to recuperate. So for example, when you lift something heavy or even just sneeze, the outside layers of the disc can develop small cracks. As those cracks become more numerous, the nutrients contained in the soft core of the disc start evaporating. That causes disc to essentially dry up (just think of a grape drying to a raisin) and that reduces the space between the vertebrae.
    That process is called degenerative disc disease. As the disc degenerates, reducing the space between vertebrae, the nerves coming out of your spinal cord have less and less space and as the condition worsens the nerve has no more room and can get compressed, causing pain, discomfort, tingling sensation, etc.
    Another mechanism behind the pain could bebulging/herniated disc. When those cracks in the outer layers of the disc become large enough, soft core material can bulge out into the crack, creating a sort of a bump on the outside of the disc, which then pushes against the nerve.

    How Can Vax-D Help?

    Vax-D spinal decompression therapy is a patented, FDA approved treatment, during which a patient lays down on a specially designed table that alternates between stretching and relaxing the spine. This action creates negative pressure that heals the disc in two ways:

    In the case of disc degeneration (remember the raisin?), the negative pressure draws nutrients from the surrounding tissue to the damaged disc, which in turn works to hydrate it and restore the space between the vertebrae, alleviating the pressure on the nerve.

    In the case of the bulging disk, in addition to hydrating the outer disc layers, the negative pressure causes the soft core to retract back into the disc, once again reducing the pressure on the nerve.

    To learn more about Vax-D and to get a consultation with a therapist, contact us today.