Kasey Ahlstrom

 I came to American Back Center based solely on the Google reviews. I’m mid-20s and have a mild back problem. I injured myself back in high school (slipped disc) and I never got it fully taken care of. I had trouble bending over to tie my boots, experienced pain in the mornings, and really hurt after playing basketball. I went to the American Back Center 3 days a week for a month. In just that short time, I experienced a huge improvement. I didn’t have pain in the mornings, I could bend over to tie my boots for the most part, and there wasn’t a constant, dull pain like there had been for years. I now go 2 days a week for further adjustments and physical therapy. They give me tons of exercises to do at home. Doc Chris and PT Chris are both great. They’ve relieved my pain and given me exercises to do. At this point, it seems that my laziness will be the only reason I’ll experience back pain again. Everyone at the office is nice and polite. They’ll send you texts the day before your appointment as a reminder. They have a finance lady there to explain what your insurance will cover and whether your payments are doable, which is great to avoid awkward money conversations. All that aside, with my basic insurance, it’s extremely affordable.

I had some residual back pain due to a biking accident–I was hit by an SUV and had broken three ribs, and had lost a lot of strength through the interim while recovering.  The American Back Center did a full review of my case, consulted me on exactly what their strategic plan would be to recover fully and effectively, and empowered me to do my own stretching/strengthening routine on my own at home. Both physical therapists are great, and incredibly personable individuals. I also received some chiropractic services, as well as massage therapy–both services were also excellent, and tailored to my needs. I highly recommend ABC to anyone looking for the aforementioned services in the Loop!

The PTs (physical therapists) they have in their team are incredible. You will get the personalized attention during every session and they have a very good work ethic. I strongly recommend it to someone who has spine injuries or other physical issues that need to be taken care of. Great customer service!

The staff are great and the physical therapists are awesome…Dr. Chis is a great Chiropractor i highy recommend him.

I had be introduced to VAX-D about 15 years prior to finding The American Back Center. I was a believer in how it works and what it can accomplish. The treatment was no longer available where I lived, (far west of Chicago) so I searched and found ABC. I called and discussed my problem and received an appointment for consultation. I brought my back films with and had the consultation with Dr. Chris, explaining what the course of treatment would be and the time frame. I couldn’t wait to get started and the outcome has been nothing but positive. My pain is gone, I feel great. I learned the do’s and don’ts for everyday use, with stretching and strengthening exercises at home. I still go for routine visits once a month to keep in shape. The professionalism, care and concern by all the staff at ABC is why I keep going back and the results are a product of them.

Jonathan BROUTIN

The American Back Center is the place I personally chose for my back injuries and running injuries connected to long distance running. The team is very friendly and makes you feel at home. Doctor Edginton takes the time with his patients and is an approachable expert. I would recommend the Center to anyone who is looking to improve their health.

I was referred there do to an accident at work, which lead to a back injury, I was very nervous attending physical therapy. However, the staff are very warm, friendly, patient, humorous, and insightful. I enjoy my sessions with PT Kris, every visit is truly a pleasure. I recommend visiting American Back Center to anyone need Physical Therapy.

My experience at this clinic as been life changing. I needed to lose some serious weight I’ve gained over the last 10 years. I need to lose at least 60 pounds! But guess what? I’ve been on the HCG program for only a few weeks and I’ve lost 15 pound so far. I have never felt better. I am so motivated! Some of the diet restrictions of the program made me nervous, but it is an easy program to follow. Much easier than I anticipated. Danielle is so knowledgeable and is really educating me on nutrition. I am learning so much from her. The staff at this clinic are all friendly and making appointments is easy. I also come to this clinic for my chiropractic needs and Dr. Chris is amazing.

I came in to the American Back Center because working full time in front of a computer and also being in law school makes my back hurt and causes headaches. I have only good things to say about them! Since coming in I have learned how to do stretches and exercises on my own that help my back and always have a pleasant experience in the office. Doctor Chris is very personable and one of the best chiropractors I have seen! They also have massage therapists in the office which is extremely helpful if you have chronic problems with tightness and knots like I do! It is always easy to schedule appointments that work for me and they are always flexible. I highly recommend American Back Center to anyone considering it!

Daniela Vieira

The staff here are great, so nice and helpful. Perfect location for me, right across from the Art Institute. Also, Doc Chris has a great bedside manner and is very knowledgable. I come here and are very happy with the results so far. Would recommend to friends. Also the massage therapist knows what’s she’s doing.

EdAZ Duran

I have been coming to the American Back Center for 4 years now and the quality of service is beyond stellar. Dr. Chris Edginton is a great practitioner and has always made me feel comfortable during my visits. I would go so far to say that through physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, the American Back Center has genuinely improved my quality of life.

Yes, I am a daily visitor at American Back Center. The staff are very nice and considerate. They greet you with a smile and all very pleasant. I would refer anyone that has back problems, that may need physical therapy or even learning to eat healthy and lose weight – American Back Center would be the best place to come! I highly recommend their procedures and advice. Please stop by for a visit – tell them Monique Roach sent you!

Lasheila Williams-Ortiz

My visit was my first time beginning here and I love this place. The staff and doctors are so friendly and wonderful. I would let everyone I know about American Back Center. I would also like to thank everyone here – it’s such an at-home experience when you walk in.

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